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Complex number analysis and visualisation.


Open Source and

freely available.


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Free storage and file sharing for your project files and plans.


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Ideas from more than one source - bought together to deliver your project or research - contact us to find out more...ASK THE COLLECTED WORKS

Social Enterprise

 East Midlands

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SmithMartin Partnership LLP

EcoTech Business Centre

Unit 27d, Turbine Way, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7XD


t. 01223 911416  e. office@smithmartinpartnership.com

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SmithMartin is a partnership of independent professionals who specialise in


  • Social enterprise creation and support
  • Good governance advice and guidance
  • Charity creation and support
  • Evaluation and assessment projects
  • Education and Early Years projects
  • A wide range of literacy, educational and project management delivery


The partnership has durable trading styles which, as booksellers, web development specialists and suppliers to education and local authority markets, means our research, assessment and delivery outputs are tempered by practical, ongoing knowledge and experience.

Our Collected Works lead

partner is Tim Smith MA FRSA


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