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Complex number analysis and visualisation.


Open Source and

freely available.


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Free storage and file sharing for your project files and plans.


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Ideas from more than one source - bought together to deliver your project or research - contact us to find out more...ASK THE COLLECTED WORKS

Social Enterprise

 East Midlands

Free resources for your first seed-bed steps



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Collected Works is a  SmithMartin LLP project


We work together, using our joint resources, knowledge and experience

to research, devise, implement and deliver.

What we do and how we work together to achieve the best results

for your research project, evaluation, capital or revenue project.

Who we are and links to the work of our partners and the project leads for your commission. You can see our partners LinkedIn profiles from this page.

The Collected Works blog - thoughts, reflections and opinion.

Contact Collected Works here. More information, details you would like to send us, information from you about working with us, either as an associate

or as a new client.

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