Project management
– thinking systems

boxB-WpicProject in a Box have recently revised and updated their Community Edition of the software that lets you get into Prince 2 mode for managing your projects.

Free to download and use for your single project manager activity, or with a team, PIAB is an ideal way to get even the most basic, simple project properly organised and presented to colleagues or boards of management in an orderly, structured and clear way.

We like it as a product, not only for its lack of cost, but because it is now .net portable – you can copy it to your usb stick and go anywhere, but also because the software now has PIAB Planner software feely available with it too.

If you want to manage your risk register, look after and track issues or to export outputs for others to work on, we think Planner is an invaluable additional tool to your ‘structured thinking’ armoury.

Ckeck out the Community Edition of Project in a Box here, you’ll be on your way to Prince 2 Practitioner status in no time.

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