Data, geography and human development – get spaced

spacePic2Kings College London, under the auspices of Professor Robert Plomin, Director of the Twins Early Development Study, has been compiling and analysing data and spatial information about the development of twins.

TEDS, as a programme, has sought to understand why young people, from the same family environment grow to be different. The nature or nurture argument.

The research team have recently published their findings, in map form, on this web page. You can use the software to interrogate and adjust the study variables to see the effects.

The project maps complex study data across geographical spaces. Additionally the team have also made the software Open Source. You can download the package, with examples, for Windows, Mac or Linux environments by visiting the TEDS web pages here.

There is a short explanatory video to illustrate the research and the teams findings too.

Full instructions and licensing information is included with the free software download here as well.

Different, but the same perhaps – whichever community you focus upon.